Which WARRIORS leader are you?

Are you as brave as Firestar? As loyal as Leopardstar? As courageous as Blackstar, or as determind as Onestar? Do you think you have what it takes to lead one of the four great Warrior clans?

Find the answers in this quiz! It will test you to determine just what type of leader you would be! Are you ready to lead your clan to greatness? Well, stop staring and find out!!!

Created by: Cubtyger

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  1. If another clan was under attack and in threat of being driven out, you would:
  2. If a kit - not from your clan - were in danger, you would:
  3. If another clan were weak after an attack, you would:
  4. When looking for a suitable deputy, you would chose someone who:
  5. If twolegs invaded your territory, you would:
  6. While hunting, an apprentice of just over 1 moon accidentlly crossed the border makers, and a rival clan patrol catches him. What do you do?
  7. A fight breaks out at a gathering; what do you do?
  8. A battle breaks out in your camp. Your medicine cat begs you not to fight beacause you are on your last life. What do you tell her/him?
  9. When choosing an apprentice to mentor, you choose a kit who:
  10. A warrior of your clan has broken the warrior code by becomeing mates with a cat from another clan. How do you punish him/her?
  11. If you were to choose how to lose your last life; this would be it:
  12. When you finally join Starclan, you want to be remembered for:

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Quiz topic: Which WARRIORS leader am I?