How much like ME are YOU?

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Just a little quiz I made, mostly out of boredom. This paragraph thing is stupid. What's it supposed to do, anyway? It's pointless, in my opinion.

Once upon a time, there were three bears. Then one day, Barney the dinosaur ate them all. The end. Thank you for reading my wonderful, glorious, taco-eating story.

Created by: Nakita

  1. Which of these groups is your favorite animal in?
  2. Favorite element?
  3. Your best friend's name starts with...
  4. You know that I hate Justin Bieber, right?
  5. Who will win the 2012 election?
  6. Which is better: Cake or Pie?
  7. What have you seen most often in this quiz?
  8. Who SHOULD become president in the 2012 election?
  9. I replaced Justin Bieber with Andy Sixx in the last question.
  10. Justin Bieber's real name is...
  11. If you were a wolf, what color fur would you have?
  12. Andy Sixx's real name is...
  13. The creator of the universe is...
  14. What have you seen most often in this quiz?
  15. Are you ready to see your results?
  16. Send your cats out to eat the fairies. But first, teach them the peanut butter jelly song to scare away demons and evil spirits.

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Quiz topic: How much like ME am I?