Hogwarts love story part 3

Ok so here you are in your third year at hogwarts and things are finally starting to heat up!!!!!! yup so here it is sorry it took me so long... yup k bye

stupid pointless paragraph why do you exist? To annoy people?! is that why huh? LALALA HAPPY CHRISTMAS to all!!!!! stupid paragraph that does nothing lalala

Created by: Ginger_Person

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  1. The day before you leave on the Hogwarts express you need to go get some last minute items from diagon ally. While there you decide to go find on of the following...
  2. Oh no! on the train you hear there is a killer on the loose, Sirius Black!!! It also seems he's after Harry!!! What are you thinking?
  3. The train is then searched by dementors!!! OH NO!!!!!!! but then the train continues on as usual!!! yay!! nobody got hurt, but then you hear that Harry fainted when he came face to face with that dementor.
  4. The sorting hat ceremony pass without event, as does the feast in no time you are on your way back to your commonroom. And you fall into a dreamless sleep, the next day you wake and change into your robes before heading down to the great hall for breakfast, you are kind of grumpy because you aren't a morning person. That's why when the twins jump up behind you instead of finding it amusing as per usual you simply find it mildly annoying. "Hey why so glum?" One twin asks, "Just not a morning person is all." You reply indifferently. "Well sometime you are less under the weather we have a propsition for you." The other twin said with a wink. The first thing that comes to mind is...
  5. Then the twins seem almost like they're avoiding you. Nothing really interesting happens so life goes on as usual. Then one day when you are walking back from the library by yourself you bump into Harry. "Oh I'm sorry." You both say at the same time. When Harry looks up at you he seems to almost freeze. "Oh ummmm well." "Hey, what's the problem?" "Well nothing but I was maybe thinking that sometime maybe youwouldliketogooutwithme." "Sorry, what did you say?" you ask sheepishly, because he rushed out whatever he was saying and you didn't catch whatever he was saying. "Maybe sometime you would like to go on a date with me. If you want..." you are flattered. But then Mcgonagall comes past and wants to talk to you about some homework you haven't handed in, and you don't get a chance to answer. What are you thinking?
  6. Later that week Sirius Black is spotted not far from Hogwarts oh that cannot be good, can it? nothing else interrsting happens for awhile. Then one day when classes are done you go and walk the grounds with Neville.
  7. You talk about this that and the other thing, then he asks in the most casual manner "What's your favourite flower?" "Ummmmm, well I don't really have one." "Oh, ok." He said sounding slightly disappointed. There was an awkward silence then. You suddenly realize that you have a whole bunch of homework you need to get done before tomorrow. You tell this to Neville and start back through the castle going straight for your commmonroom. And you accidentally run into Oliver. "Oh, ummm hi." "Hey ________ what's up?" "Not much, but I have a whole crap load of homework that's due tomorrow. You slip past him and you can feel his eyes on you. Just before you turn the corner he sprints up behind you. "Hey, _________ i was wondering that maybe you would like to go on a date with me sometime." He gave you a cute little puppy dog look. You just couldn't bear to upset him and you said "ummmm, yeah sure." What are you thinking?
  8. You go back to your common room finsh your homework and then you are exhausted so you go to sleep, luckily you have a dreamless sleep. You wake up the next morning, go have breakfast, the day passes in a blur, you have no homework today (YAY) you find ron and he asks if you want to go for a walk. you agree. You have meaningless conversation that you probably won't remember the next day but then something happens that you know you will remember. "Ummmmmmm, ___________ I was wondering if maybe you wanted to ummmmmmmmmmm go...be potions partners." He blurted out, "Ummmm ron, I'm not in your potions class." "Oh that's why you are never there...right, well I gotta go, see you later." He runs off, muttering to himself. What are you thinking?
  9. "You shouldn't be around those types of people, they are contagious." A voice from the shadows drawls. No suprise IT'S DRACO!!!! "What do you want Draco?" "To show you what you are missing." He replied slyly. "What do you mean?" You ask. "This." He pulls you towards him and kisses you. His lips are cold against yours. He pulls away, "What was that?" "A kiss, of course." You storm off, leaving him staring at you.
  10. After you encounter with Draco you are determined to ignore him, which is harder than you'd thought because he always seemed to be right beside you... But then something happens and it changed everything!!!!

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