Are you an optimist or a pesimist?

There are many souls living on this earth. Some of us look at the good side of things, others on the bad. Ones who look on good? Optimists. Bad? Pesimists.

You are one of those two. You are just waiting to learn your path. Although, you'll never know until you complete one dangerous, fatal, and last-minute-panic task: TAKE THIS QUIZ!

Created by: Max

  1. Is it half full or half empty?
  2. A bee lands on your nose.
  3. You're late for a meeting/school class.
  4. It's summer
  5. You're playing a fun flash game when the computer shuts down
  6. You're about to go to sleep away camp for the first time
  7. A peice of gold appears on your doorstep
  8. You see a talking bear
  9. How often do you use the word 'doom'?
  10. Are you an optimist of a pesimist from your point of view?

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Quiz topic: Am I an optimist or a pesimist?