Are you a optimist or a pessimist?

There are billions and billions of people in this world.Every single person is different than the other in some way.Some are optimists, who see opportunity in difficulties, and do their best to achieve those opportunities.Many work hard, and attain their goals.Than their are pessimists, the complete opposites of optimists.They see difficulty in every opportunity.But that doesn't their bad.They just happen to be extremely realistic.So are you a optimist?or a pessimist? or both?

Many people wonder if they are optimists or pessimists or maybe both?You never know until you take some type of quiz or test.In the quiz, i try my best to show you which qualities or qualities you have. Hope you enjoy it.

Created by: Nighteyes
  1. Is the glass half-full or half-empty?
  2. You know there is trouble when you hear yelling around the corner?
  3. You know there is trouble when you hear the police sirens around the corner?
  4. If you were asked to grade your very bad essay, what would you grade it?
  5. If you see a small bird heading toward an oncoming car, what would you do?
  6. If there was a apple tree on top of a hill.And a apple falls down from the tree, which side of the hill would it roll down?
  7. Hypothetically speaking, if you were a billionaire and you donated some money to a charity.Would you be a anonymous donor?
  8. Assuming you are involved in a fight, would you be involved before it broke out?or after it broke out?
  9. Which job would you be more likely take?
  10. Who do you like in this list?
  11. From 1-5 pick a number
  12. Last question Would you be famous or rich?

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Quiz topic: Am I a optimist or a pessimist?