Would I kill you if I got the chance?

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If I ever got the chance to kill you...would I take that chance to murder you and extermminate you from the world forever? :O This is another crappy quiz that nobody cares about, but just take it anyway. It's callliiing youuurrrr naaame. x)

Once upon a time, Nakita made a quiz. And it was evil, because she couldn't figure out how to fill this box. So she resolved to pollute GTQ with more idiocy.

Created by: Nakita

  1. Homeschoolers are...
  2. Ya know that I'm homeschooled, right? :D
  3. Justin Bieber.
  4. Do you enjoy school?
  5. You're just walking along, and you see a kid beating a puppy with a metal baseball bat. You...
  6. Anime...
  7. What does 0 + 0 equal?
  8. Have you actually talked to me in the forums before? (This is Nakita, y'all ^.^)
  9. If there was a war between hamster and gerbils, which side would you join?
  10. Would you kill me if you got the chance?

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