What type of person are you online?

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There are a ton of "What kind of person are you?" and "What's your personality?" quizzes, but what are you like online? How do you appear to other people on the internet?

I'm just gonna say random stuff. This 2 paragraph thing is stupid. lalalalablahablahblah baaaaa mooooo tweet tweet caw caw bark meow neigh hee ha hee beep

Created by: Nakita
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  1. You go to an online forum and post about a band you like, and then anothe ruser replies and calls you a noob (and several un-repeatable things) for liking that band. You...
  2. Do you flirt with random people online?
  3. How important is following the rules?
  4. Say something random.
  5. What's your full name, where do you live, what's your phone number, how old are you, and what school do you go to?
  6. What's your favorite forum?
  7. Your account gets banned for one reason or another. You...
  8. This is the sooong thaaat neveeer eeendsss....
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Quiz topic: What type of person am I online?