In my opinion, how cool are you?

In my opinion, how cool are you? ;) Are you cool or uncool? Have you ever wondered that? Well, here ya go! Take this quiz to find out, and please remember to comment/rate!

Oh yeah, and I also have a series called You and The Wolf Riders. It would be very helpful if you would check those quizzes out as well. :3 This 2 paragraph thing is stupid...

Created by: Nakita

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  1. Do you like Justin Beiber?
  2. Which of these color combos is your favorite?
  3. Which of these magical creatures is your favorite?
  4. Which of these people/bands do you like the most/which of these people/bands can you put up with?
  5. If you married somebody, what would you want them to look like?
  6. Of these songs, which do you like the most?
  7. Which of these dog breeds is your favorite?
  8. Choose an element.
  9. If a friend invited you to a sleepover...
  10. Do you have a cellphone?
  11. Which of these book series are your favorite?
  12. Say something random.
  13. Which of these creepy things (xD) would you most want to be?

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Quiz topic: In my opinion, how cool am I?