Are you annoying??

There are some irritating people in the world but are you one of them? the test will help you find out if you bug your friends crazy or if you so cool you probably have a fan club.

Are you irritating? Do you annoy your friend to the max? until this quiz you could only ask an opinion which might not be 100% accurate, in a few minutes you will know the answer to theese questions!

Created by: Lili

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  1. When you have an argument with your friends do you..
  2. When your boyfriend/girlfriend dumps you for one of your friends you...
  3. When there is a new Girl/boy in your class do you...
  4. How would people describe you ??
  5. What do you look for in a friend??
  6. What colours appeals most to you??
  7. What number appeals most to you?
  8. What is your fav accessorie??
  9. Which of theese names is your fav??
  10. Is this quiz...

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Quiz topic: Am I annoying??