how annoying are you?

Do people constantly tell you that you're annoying and you don't believe them? well now you can hear it from me instead! take my quiz and find out exactly how annoying you actually are!

find out if you're annoying enough to kill and just annoying enough to be humorous! theres a fine line between the two but i managed to lay it down in 12 simple questions.

Created by: akira

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  1. You repeatedly say someone's name for no reason often.
  2. You make fun of people for your own personal gain or enjoyment, not to hurt their feelings, but to bother them
  3. People often tell you that you're to loud or to shut up.
  4. People call you immature.
  5. you go online for the soul purpose of annoying people.
  6. you've prank called/ doorbell ditched/ vandalized someone house...
  7. you tend to not listen when people are talking
  8. you whine.....
  9. are loud enough to the bother the neighbors between the hours of 10 pm and 9 am
  10. you argue with people for the pure sake of arguing

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Quiz topic: How annoying am I?