The Annoying Neighbor.

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Yes, It's true, most people have annoying neighbors. I do, and this quiz was made out of my frustration. Do you react to these annoyances the way I do? Take the quiz and find out.

Perhaps you live in a magical wonderland heaven where you either have no neighbors or all your neighbors are too old to come bother you. I wish that's how my neighborhood's like, but sadly, it's filled with younger kids who are very rude.

Created by: MorganTheGirl

  1. It's Saturday morning. You're on the computer in your PJ's, happily watching Gorillaz music videos on YouTube. Suddenly, your annoying dad walks in and yells at you to take your 5-year old sister to the ANNOYING neighbor, Sophia, house. Your first reaction..?
  2. Regardless of what you replied, your dad forces you to take your little sister to Sophia's. You grab your shoes and unzip your jacket a little. You step outside... it's almost spring, but there's still old snow on the ground. The sun is shining, but it's not exactly warm. First thing you tell your sister?
  3. You're in front of Sophia's house now... the annoying 6 year old who is OBSESSED with ponies. You REALLY don't want to put up with her, since Saturday only comes once a week... what do you do now?
  4. Regardless of what you chose before, you end up telling your little sis that Sophia went to camp. Your little sister kinda buys it... but then asks if she can go over to a different brats house. What do you answer her?
  5. As you turn to go home, Sophia hops out her front steps. "Hey Jasmine!!" she squeals to your little sister. "Sophia!!" Your little sister replies. What do you say, being in the middle of all this?
  6. Right before you tear your hair out, two more little 6 year old brats come out. Apparently they had been playing house when they heard Sophia was out. Now that you have to deal with two MORE twerps, HOW do you deal with them?
  7. You choose to say hey. They reply by jumping up and down and telling you you have a big head. Do you stick up for yourself, or are you gonna let a couple of morons who are over half a decade younger than you own you???
  8. Just before you give them a beating of a lifetime, you come to your senses. You gather your head, and ask kindly if anyone wants to come over to your house... little does anyone but you realize you're plotting revenge!
  9. The three morons come to your house WITHOUT asking their parents. Bad choice, but good in the case that you're not a weirdo. You announce loudly to your dad that theres three of the neighbors in the house. He comes down, and trying to sound kind, asks 'Well, right now, I am trying to clean the house. Could you kids please go somewhere else?' What do you answer your dad?
  10. No matter what you answered your dad, the neighbor girls end up staying here until 9 at night and trash the house. But you couldn't care less; you end up watching Gorillaz vids on youtube all day. Besides the fact that the dullards came over to you every five minutes to ask if you wanted to play house, you think your day was pretty good. Do you REALLY think that?
  11. BUT WAIT! That isn't how the day ended. Click the submit button to find out how your Saturday REALLY ended.
  12. PHYKE! Or however that's spelled.... Should I make an alternative ending quiz?

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