Good Neighbor Quiz

While we all enjoy our homes and community, do we really get connected to our neighbors as we should? Here is a short quiz for you to see how connected you are:

Are you a good neighbor, a great neighbor or a true patriot? Or do you need to move back home? Thanks to our short quiz, in just a few minutes you will know what your neighbors think.

Created by: HHHA
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  1. Choose the answer below that best fits this statement: I know ___ neighbors on my block.
  2. When a new neighbor moves onto my block, I
  3. If my neighbor and I have a conflict that I don't think we can resolve on our own, I
  4. When I park my car, I
  5. When I leave on vacation, I
  6. My dog
  7. My yard could be described as:
  8. When I hear of meetings or activities happening in my neighborhood, I
  9. I would describe my neighborhood as a place where
  10. If I am hosting a party at my house late at night, I

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