Chapter 6 notes

You always do your homework. Now you have a chance to prove it. Take this quiz and show me what you know. This quiz covers material up to this point in the year.

I know your a genius, now show everyone. Ace the quiz and beat your neighbor. Try again if you don't do too well the first time. Don't forget, put away your notes before the quiz.

Created by: jennifer sheets
  1. The largest 5% of businesses, produce what percent of sales in the US?
  2. The term "Non-employers" refers to
  3. Written permission from the state to operate as a corporate is called
  4. A major downside of a corporation is
  5. A written contracting granting permission to sell someone else's product is
  6. A business that takes things from the earth is
  7. A business makes jewelery specific for each customer. What type of production are doing
  8. The company in question 7 has income from sales of $850 and expenses of $125 for rent,$45 for polishing equipment, $110 for gemstones and $20 for advertising. What is the profit
  9. Standard of living is defined as
  10. Which one of the following is not one of your economic roles

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