OMAM Chapter One

This quiz is designed to encourage close reading of the first chapter in the book, Of Mice and Men. Once you become accustomed to taking these sorts of quizzes, it will become a habit to read the story more closely.

If you didn't do well on this quiz,you need to examine the possible reasons. If it's a matter of not reading, that's a simple fix. If it a comprehension issue, then use all the resources I give you.

Created by: Mrs. Inderlied
  1. The story concerns two brothers, George and Lenny.
  2. George and Lenny have been chased out of Weed because
  3. The setting of the story is the
  4. Lenny likes to carry these in his pocket
  5. When at the river, what does George tell Lenny to do?
  6. What is George's response to Lenny's request for "ketchup"?
  7. What does the sort of language George and Lenny use say about them?
  8. George claims these types of people lead lonely lives.
  9. What is George and Lenny's plan?
  10. What will Lenny do on this farm if he is good?

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