Health care for the child

If you are in the vocational nursing program and are studying for your pediatrics test, then this test will help you see if you know your stuff from chapter 22.

Are you ready for the Pediatrics test? THINK You could be a pedi nurse? how ready are you? have you done your key terms> have you read the chapter, what the in the world is informed consent anyways?

Created by: Laura Mae

  1. which of the following approaches is best when administering an oral medication to a young child?
  2. The preferred site for an intramuscular injection in infants is:
  3. The physician orders 10 mg of Demerol for an infant after surgery. The label reads 50 mg/1mL. How much would you administer:
  4. WHen preparing an enema for a young child, the nurse would select which of the following solutions?
  5. the nurse must be especially conscious of safety measures on the children's unit. Which of the following measures is not one of the measures the nurse should be conscious of?
  6. The nurse may be required to collect a urine specimen from the child. the nurse does which of the following to prevent contamination of urine from the antiseptic.
  7. Then nurse is sometimes asked to assist the physician with a lumbar puncture. which position is used for a child.
  8. Regarding a child entering the pediatric unit, what is an informed consent and how it is obtained.
  9. Which of the following is not a general consideration for the child receiving oxygen
  10. Which of the following vital signs are abnormal for a 12 year old girl?
  11. When caring for a tracheostomy patient,the nurse would
  12. the nurse planing to measure a childs blood pressure would choose a cuff that covers
  13. what is the best way for th nurse to weigh an infant?
  14. what is the best choice for the nurse to mix with the unpleasant tasting medication
  15. The nurse assessing the child's vital signs would count boh the ppulse and respirations for ____ seconds
  16. The neonate exposed to prologed high oxygen concentrations is at risk for damage to which part of the obdy?
  17. The Nurse is aware of which variation in pulse and respiration rates of the child as compared to an adult?
  18. What is the mummy restraint?
  19. What is TPN?
  20. What is a Heparin lock
  21. What is a broviac catheter

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