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“Positive parenting” is all about empowering children and raising them to become happy, fulfilled, independent, conscious and capable adults. This type of parenting supports children via guiding, mapping out and brainstorming which helps them acquire skills of choice making, mentally juggling and considering possibilities and being aware that actions do have consequences. This label includes: Attachment Parenting, Conscious Parenting, Spiritual Parenting and Slow Parenting.

“Toxic Parenting” (or “Poor Parenting”) is a term for several types of parenting methods with damaging effects on children that include Tiger Parenting, Helicopter Parenting, Indulgent Parenting, Narcissistic Parenting and Neglectful Parenting. These parenting styles are labeled “toxic” because the parent’s needs come before the child’s and end up “poisoning” the little ones. Toxic parenting range from neglecting children’s needs to direct abuse (emotional, physical, sexual).

Created by: Emily
  1. Choose a quote that describes your Parenting Style:
  2. Do you enjoy being a parent?
  3. Do you believe your relationship with your partner is relevant for parenting?
  4. Children learn navigating through life:
  5. What values do you want to foster in your children?
  6. What makes a “bad parent”?
  7. Does your child help with the housework?
  8. How do you discipline your children?
  9. Hitting your children: yes or no?
  10. Choose the “perfect weekend” with your children:
  11. What are your children’s eating habits?
  12. Why do you enjoy spending time with your children?
  13. What’s your children interaction with technologies?
  14. Your child is throwing a tantrum. What do you do?
  15. What kind of photos of your children do you post on social media?
  16. Your children are fighting. How do you handle the situation?
  17. Your child trips and falls, resulting in a minor cut in his/her knee. What’s your reaction?
  18. Your child says something rude to you. What’s your reaction?
  19. Your child gets a bad grade. What’s your reaction?
  20. Your child is having trouble with bullies at school. What do you do?
  21. You were called to the principal's office because your child did something bad at school:
  22. Besides school, do you encourage your children in pursuing any extra activities?
  23. A family member has passed away. How do you tell your children?
  24. Your teenager child wants to go out (date, party, etc.). What’s your reaction?
  25. Do you go through your teenager’s room and search his/her things?
  26. It’s time for your child to go to college:

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