Chapter 9: Patterns of Inheritance

Are you ready for the bio final?!? this quiz goes along with the Chapter 9 section to help to understand it more. This quiz is to test if you have read and studied Chapter 9. :]

Do you have what it takes to master the chapter 9 section of the final? Are you genius enough to pass the following quiz? It's not as easy as it looks. :3 Lets make Miss Henriques proud!!!!!!

Created by: Cheryl

  1. when we talk about phenotype, we are talking about ______.
  2. XX is a _______ genotype
  3. Individuals who have one copy of a recessice allele bue does not "show" or express it is called a _______.
  4. ___________ occurs during meiosis 1 or meiosis 2 when homologous chromosomes fail to seperate.
  5. ____________ : One less chromosome
  6. ______________ : three chromosomes
  7. ___________ : Multiple extra chromosomes.
  8. A sperm or egg carries only one allele for each inherited characteristic because the two members of an allele pair seperated from each other during the production of gametes
  9. The inheritance of one characteristic has no effect on the inheritance of another.
  10. A mating between an individual of dominant phenotype but unknown genotype and a homozygous recessive individual.
  11. Purebred varieties. Varieties that went through self-fertilization and produced offspring identical to the parent.

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