CHapter 21 Review Quiz

Our body is a complex maze made up of many tissues and organs, so it's important to understand what each one of these are! The structure and function of our body is vital to our survival!

Have you studied chapter 21? I hope you did! let's how much you remember! The final is coming up, so remember to study hard to pass! This quiz isn't that hard!!

Created by: Erin

  1. Neurons are specialized cells characteristic of __________
  2. which of the following are connective tissue?
  3. Integumentary system...
  4. Reproductive system...
  5. Which system defends the body against disease?
  6. Where is Cardiac muscle found?
  7. How many major types of connective tissue are there?
  8. Epithelial tissues...
  9. Physiology is...
  10. Adipose is a major type of what tissue?
  11. loose connective tissue
  12. fibrous connective tissue...
  13. ligaments...
  14. How many types of muscle tissue are there?
  15. This tissue is found in the walls of organs such as the intestines and blood vessels

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