Algebra 2-Chapter 3

This quiz covers the topics in algebra two chapter 3. Some of the topics include graphing lines, classifying lines, finding slope and y-intercept, solving equations and more.

Before you take the quiz, look over your notes one more time, take your time and carefully look over all the answers. It may be helpful to have some scrap paper and a calculator near by when you take the quiz.

Created by: Keri

  1. If a system of lines has one solution how do you classify the system?
  2. If your system of equations has no solution how do you classify them?
  3. What is the solution to the system y=2x-1 and y=3x+4
  4. What does the symbol < stand for?
  5. The line x=2 will be a
  6. In the equation y=-2x-8, what is the slope and the y-intercept?
  7. Mary works two jobs. One job she makes $10 an hour and the other she makes $15 an hour. If she needs to make atleast $250 a week which inequaltiy below would represent this?
  8. Rewrite the parametric equation in x and y: x(t)=t-3, y(t)=2t+1
  9. The two equations y=3 and x=-2 will intersect at what ordered pair?
  10. The two lines y=3x-1 and y=3x+9 are

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