How annoying are you?

Are you annoying? take this quiz to find out. Have you been wondering why people have been avoiding you and staying away. You could just be really annoying. Or are you just normal or maybe you are perfect and not annoying at all.

So what is an annoying person? This is hard to explain but you can tell from the reactions of other people if you are annoying. So dont just sit there being annoying (perhaps) take this quiz and find out the truth...

Created by: lucy
  1. How high pitched is your voice?
  2. If there is a group of people and you walk up to them how many people walk away?
  3. Do you tend to go around with one friend even if they seem un interested in you
  4. Do you follow people around - but they do not talk to you?
  5. Where do you go during recess?
  6. How many parties do you get invited to?
  7. Do you always argue with people?
  8. Who do you sit next to in class / on the bus?
  9. What do you do at weekends?
  10. Where do you sit on the bus?

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Quiz topic: How annoying am I?