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  • You are 28% annoying!

    You are not very annoying - you have your moments of being annoying but that is only natural. most people like you and hardly any one thinks you are annoying.

    I'm not really annoying. I'm quiet and timid around people who aren't in my family but to my family I do think I have annoying moments. Some of these questions were hard to answer because I am homeschooled and don't go to school.

    To 'doglover374':

    I don't think you should listen to your friend. Anyone who thinks you NEED to wear makeup is vary wrong. Don't wear black eyeliner and wax your brows and just be who you are and be happy with who you are and how you look. Don't let your friend talk you into ANY untrue thing like that. It is none of her bisness, and you're only 12 now, so you're still young. I never wear makeup but I like it better that way.

    Remember Joy
  • You are 52% annoying!

    You are annoying. Over 50% annoying and you annoy quite a lot of people. There are people who don't think you are annoying but you are quite often. You do have some hope though. There are people worse than you - you are only just over 50% annoying....this is correct.....well it should say I am 70 % annoying....

  • 21% annoying- oh that's kewl cuz every1 at school thinks I'm annoying and weired at least that's wat my friend told me. She's really honest. She also told me I needed to wear black eyeliner(Im 12) and wax my brows. Oh, and scale of 1-10 dating wise, I'm a 4. But anyways...

  • I got 40% annoying I mean I don't think I'm that annoying... when I RP most people do think I sometimes can get a little annoying

  • My REAL result is 31% annoying. I'm not too annoying, but sometimes I will a little.

  • 74% annoying. I took this quiz for my aunt and this explains everything she does. She always has people screaming and cussing at her. She is so f---ing annoying.

  • I also took this last year and I got 43% but this time I got 38%. Looks like I changed a lot

    Amber Parris
  • "66% annoying" WELL F*** YOU THEN.

  • 30% annoying. I guess it's not bad.
    To SweetShanya13: Oh My Gosh!


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