are you annoying

there are many annoying people out there but few are just not annoying so annoying person is like the person who always bother you so i suggest that you make him or her to take this test just or you can tell him your self lol witch one wil it be

are you annoying?do you have the guts to take this test and figure out if your annoying if not then do so you can be told if you not annoying or if you are annoying

Created by: song

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. do your friends call you
  2. do you hang out with your friend latly?
  3. have your friend ever call you annoying?
  4. do your friend invites you to go somewhere
  5. do your friend ask you to sleep over
  6. do your friends mentions about you around her or his friends
  7. do your friends ditch out on you
  8. do your friends ever snitch (tell) on you
  9. do you friend talk s--- about you?
  10. do your friends treat you like a b----?
  11. okay for extra points do you know a kid name Song?

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Quiz topic: Am I annoying