How annoying are you?

How often do you find yourself looking at someone and barely resisting the urge to punch them in the face? Or are you the one other people want to punch? Which one are YOU?

This quiz is set to easily determine how annoying you actually are depending on the status of your answers. Are you annoying, not really annoying, not annoying, or the most annoying person ever? FIND OUT.

Created by: SirBoredALot
  1. You're sitting in a room with a lot of people. All is quiet. Boredom insues, and you...
  2. You're calling a friend and get their answering machine. What type of message do you leave?
  3. Do you find yourself walking up to random people and saying things to them?
  4. You're walking outside a store and you see one of those Salvation Army buckets. You...
  5. Define annoying.
  6. If your sister asks you if she looks fat in an outfit, which she DOES. You...
  7. Which would you rather do in those 2 minutes you have in between school classes?
  8. Do you get beat up alot? Maybe bullied?
  9. You stop at Dairy Queen or something and want to get a chocolate cone. The person you're with wants a twist though. You...
  10. Do you think you're annoying? (NO effect on outcome)
  11. Which of the following is true about yourself?
  12. If a little boy came up to you on the street and kindly asked you to give him a dollar, what would you do?
  13. Did you enjoy this quiz? (NO effect on outcome)

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Quiz topic: How annoying am I?