Would you fit in with me and my friends?

If you're cool, then you'll definately fit in with me and my friends! But are you cool? Of course your friends and family have told you that you're cool a dozen times, but what if they're just trying to make you happy? How cool are you...really?

The only way you'll ever get the real answer of wether you're super cool or insanely lame is through this quiz. If you're lame, then, well, now you know you can improve!

Created by: Nakita

  1. Do you like Justin Beiber?
  2. Which of these songs do you like the most?
  3. What's your favorite color combo?
  4. Your favorite magical creature?
  5. What's your favorite book series?
  6. Do you like animals?
  7. Are you fat? (Be honest, or your result will not be accurate!)
  8. Do you do/like ballet dancing?
  9. Do you like wolves?
  10. Did you like the Justin Beiber movie "Never Say Never"?
  11. Do you like Miley Cyrsu/Hannah Montana?
  12. Do you believe in ghosts?
  13. Are vampires real?
  14. Would you rather live in a big city, country, or suburb?
  15. What are you?
  16. Which of these movies, all written by Hayao Miyazaki, is your favorite?
  17. If you've read any of these books, which was your favorite?
  18. How cool do you think you are?
  19. Do you like school?
  20. Are aliens real?
  21. Which of these words are your favorite?
  22. You see a kid beating a puppy with a stick that has thorns on it until the puppy s bleeding, and then kick the puppy into a 300 degree hot oven while him and his friends laugh. You...
  23. Do you believe that winged wolves exist?
  24. Do you believe in angels (including seraphim) and demons?
  25. Do you think white people are evil?
  26. Do you think black people are evil?
  27. If you ever get married, what do you want your husband to look like? (Continued in next question)
  28. If you ever get married, what do you want your husband to look like?
  29. If you HAD to watch a little kid show all day, what would you watch?
  30. Are you emo?
  31. If you could dye a streak of your hair/all your hair an unnatural color, which would you choose?
  32. Which of these TV shows do you like the most/which would you put up with?
  33. If you're emo, do you cut yourself?
  34. If you had a kid, and it was a boy, which of these names would you most likely name him? (I like boy names ending with "ey", if you couldn't tell. xD)
  35. If you had a kid and it was a girl, what would you name it?
  36. Did you like the Tinker Bell movie?
  37. Are you vegetarian? Why?
  38. Will you comment/rate this quiz?

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