What killer are you? (scary movie wise)

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There are types of scary movie killer. Every single person out there is one of theese people. I Cant tell you the people so just relax and get ready to see truth. :)

Please just be very truthful and honest so the quiz can be accurate. This was done bye a real wiccan and fortune teller. I just typed it down to share with all of you! Good luck.

Created by: Another tick

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like little children??
  2. Is your skin white? like pale wize?? (no racial meaning :))
  3. What color are your eyees???
  4. HEY!!!!
  5. pick an element.
  6. pick a card.
  7. what is your favorite color?
  8. do you believe in god?
  9. do you believe in the devil?? ^^ O I /\
  10. please chant this fluently and slowly. Give our souls The help and warmth To have this help Give me the power Everybody will see this truth On the last moment of the hour.

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Quiz topic: What killer am I? (scary movie wise)