What Element Do You Represent?

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Some people say that there are four elements, others say five. I say eight, because I'm an overachiever. So which one do you represent? What element has the qualities that are yours?

Are you laidback and lazy Air? Carefree and mischievous Wind? Selfless and wise Water? Or maybe arrogant Earth, optimistic Nature, sarcastic Fire, blunt Metal, or perhaps enigmatic Storm? It's up to your choices on this quiz to decide.

Created by: Pilot
  1. You need to make a decision, and it has to be final. What do you do?
  2. Do you consider yourself to be clever? (be honest)
  3. What's your worst quality? (honesty again)
  4. Are you introverted or social?
  5. Do you enjoy helping others?
  6. Do you enjoy traveling?
  7. Do you enjoy watching/babysitting/being around little kids?
  8. Do you like the great outdoors?
  9. Are you a thoughtful person? Do you spend a lot of time just...thinking?
  10. Are you...
  11. Do you enjoy changes?
  12. What comes first, logic or ethics?
  13. What's your favorite book genre?
  14. What do you value most?

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Quiz topic: What Element do I Represent?