wich is your element

find out whaht element you represent and see if your element suits you or if it a not what you where expecting to find out abaout yourselves as an individual

do you think you are piping hot or high up in the high skies so be sure and take this quiz and compare it to your expectations and aspirations you might even discover something new abaout yourself

Created by: luis muro

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. wich is the room you stay during a party
  2. witch is your favorite color
  3. witch of these animals is your fovorite
  4. if you had a superpower witch would it be
  5. if you had to decide between money and knowdledge
  6. if you had a billion dollars what will you use it for
  7. witch is your favorite vehicle
  8. which is your favorite season
  9. choose a number
  10. witch of these do you think suits you best

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Quiz topic: Wich is my element