witch element suits you best?

welcome to "What Is Your Element Quiz"I hop you enjoy it,if you don't like your answer just play again.I make a quiz when i get the chance to if you want to know.Have fun!

We have 11 questions for you to answer don't forget to read the the question carefully and completely so you know what to answer when your done you will get your element.

Created by: luna
  1. what is the most enjoyable to you?
  2. do you believe in magic?(yes it counts)
  3. witch do you hope to get?
  4. pet choosing day you get 2 options,witch pet do you choose?(each choice will give you 3 pets..)
  5. clothing choices,witch color dress/shirt&pants do you choose?
  6. you receive a note...its from 6 schools you must choose a school,so you can learn your elements spell tacticts
  7. there are 3 paths/choose one to get to school
  8. 6 dorms in the school you are forced to be put in the one that makes sense to the school you choose will you sneak into a different dorm?
  9. there is an exam tomorrow and you haven't studied,will you pass your test by cheating on the test or pass by studying tonight
  10. you have 2 choices,will you take out your enemies while the teacher isn't watching or keep studying?
  11. last question,did you like the quiz?

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Quiz topic: Witch element suits me best?