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  • Your Result: Wind

    You are a Wind. Winds are mischievous, clever, and bright. They believe in living life to its fullest extent, and as a result, are often daredevils. They enjoy traveling and being alone. Winds tend to be a bit introverted, and often have trouble controlling their tempers. They can become depressed easily. But other than that, Winds are very cheerful and fun to be around. Wind's closest tie is to Air, but Winds are greatest friends with Natures.

    I just wanna say that wind and air are the same thing, same with earth and nature. But it was a great and fun quiz :).

  • Why can't people understand that there are only four elements? The FOUR Elements are Water, Fire, Earth, and Air. I don't exactly have a big vocabulary, so, I didn't exactly like this quiz for the reason of opening a new tab to find the meaning of Tempermental, and stuff like that. I'm not trying to be a hater and I'm sorry if it sounds like I am. I am just irritated that people do not understand how there are only four elements... But besides those two things, the quiz was okay...

    Elaine Evans
  • On question 5, being introverted is not a bad quality. Everyone is different.

  • Huh, I got wind. I fall in more with nature, but it was still a fun quiz! I loved the additional options as well.

  • I got air, and I have to say, isn't that bad of a description.

  • Water.

    I am the Goddess of Water. Mwa ha ha ha ha!!! O:)

  • Wind...:P


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