how good a horserider are you?

there are many so-called horse lovers out there but are they really horse mad as they think. are YOU really horse mad as you think. are horses your life or your enemy? soon find out

in this quiz it ests your knowledge and understanding of horses aswell as finding out how dedicated you are to them. dont know now well take the quiz and you soon wil !!!!

Created by: rachael
  1. your a first time rider what sort of horse/pony do you look for?
  2. you ride your pony it spooks and you fall off you ...
  3. your horse knocks a pole down in the clear round jumping course making you loose what do you do?
  4. how do you ride?
  5. how dedicated are you to horses?
  6. soemone gives you advice on your iding do you .
  7. after riding you
  8. how much do you love horses?
  9. what do you do in spare time
  10. how good do you think you are at riding

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Quiz topic: How good a horserider am I?