Horse Facts For Smarties

There are many horse lovers, but few true lovers. Horses after all are cute but they have heaps of facts behind them. What is a horse lover? A horse lover is a person who knows the facts about horses but at the same time loves them for who they are.

Are YOU a horse lover? Do you have enough kknowledge to finish this test and get 100%? Until know you could wonder that but after you finish this quiz you will know for sure. If you get lower then 100% at the end there is some facts that could help you improve. HAVE FUN and don't worry about your answers!

Created by: Enternal Midnight Glory
  1. What was one of the first horses called?
  2. Did one of the first horses have toes?
  3. What breed of horse from Russia can go fo days with out food or water?
  4. If you say a horse is 16.2 hands high what does the 2 stand for?
  5. How can you tell how old a horse is if you do not know the horse?
  6. Is it the mare or the Stallion who decides in the wild when the herd moves onto another spot to find food
  7. How many stallions stay with one herd?
  8. What is a mark on a horses head called
  9. When do horses and ponies feel safer
  10. _______ are one of the few breeds of horses that live wild in North America. They are related to the horses that the Spanish explorers brought to North America 400 years ago. Fill out the missing piece
  11. How do horses communicate?
  12. What is a hoof like
  13. What is a farrier
  14. What is the fastest gaint?

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