how horsey are you?

this is a quiz for the people who no what a horse is, is there a monty roberts in you? horse/ponies yay, girths, saddles, breeds, dont you jst love horse i know i do im trying to make this 150 words long. could you go to olimpia are horses for fun or competition?

competitions can be fun this quiz is for boys n girls men and women anyone with any idea of what a horse is from the top horsey person to the horse hater. it doesnt matter you could still get a good or bad score.

Created by: red warrior

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  1. how often do you ride?
  2. do you own a horse/pony?
  3. do you enjoy grooming horses?
  4. do you have books,posters or/and computer desktops of horses/ponies
  5. your friends birhtday party is on the same day as your showjumping competition final and you have a good shot at winning, what do you do?
  6. what can you do (on horse back)? out of : walk, trot, canter, gallop, jump, jump 3ft+
  7. is any one else in your family horsey?
  8. what do you think your answer will be?
  9. have you ever sat to a buck?
  10. have you fallen off?

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Quiz topic: How horsey am I?