how well do you know ponies n horses??

This is a fairly average horsey ponyified quiz for people just like YOU!!! please enjoy this quiz as you may learn something good and cool herre that could help at home or when riding!! =D

Dou you think you can answer all of the questions correctly??? or do you think you cannot??? well, you can find out exactly how skilled you are at these sorts of horse questions here and now!! =D

Created by: amazon
  1. what is the proper name of the equipment a horse wears when riding???
  2. which of these are most common foods for the ponies?
  3. at what time of year are the horses most likely wanting thier rugs?
  4. what is the shortened term for cross country?
  5. what must you remember to do when you bring a horse in from the field??
  6. how do you brush a horse or pony???
  7. what is a correct colour for a horses coat?
  8. how long should you wait after a horse has eaten before excersising?
  9. which of these is a correct pace?
  10. what is the timing of the walk??

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Quiz topic: How well do I know ponies n horses??