Are You Capable Of Having a Horse or Pony?

Horses and ponies are beautiful creatures. For many centuries, they have been animals bred for working and finally sport. Today, they are a pleasure animal, loved by many people around the world.

Many people have enough land and money for horses, but aren't sure if they're ready for one. If you're one of those people, take this quiz! Of course, some things were left out, so you'll have to study.

Created by: Sarah
  1. How often do you need to clean (muck out) a horse's stall?
  2. How often does a horse need to be fed and when?
  3. Bran mash is tasty and good for horses (especially when it's warm!). Is it okay to give a foal bran mash?
  4. Who should shoe a horse?
  5. How are you supposed to approach a horse?
  6. What do you do to a horse after riding it?
  7. Which one of these lists contains some of the most toxic plants to a horse?
  8. What is cribbing?
  9. How often do you need to groom a horse?
  10. Who should decide what to feed your horses?
  11. Should you feed a horse only grain?
  12. How much water can a horse drink every day?
  13. Can you feed a horse grass clippings from mowing your lawn?
  14. What do horses need to keep healthy?
  15. How do you do to give that (the above answer) to your horse?

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Quiz topic: Am I Capable Of Having a Horse or Pony?