horsey time!!!!!

this quiz is only for horse lovers!!!! it should test your knowlage!!! and stamina!!!! but make sure you answer the questions truthly. because otherwise you might get the wrong percentege!!

are you a horse lover????????? try my quiz and find out! if you got over 65% then you are doing good but if you got bellow 40% keep trying and you will get there!!!!

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. whats your favourite?
  2. what is your favourite animal?
  3. when picking out a horses feet what part should you not scrape?
  4. what are the measurements for measureing a horse? exp 14.2....
  5. what is the smallest breed of horse in the world?
  6. what colour is this descridbing:... black and white patches.
  7. what are the parts of an english bridle?
  8. what was the tallest horses name?
  9. should you use a dandy brush on a sensative skined hors/clipped horse?
  10. your dream life would be......
  11. what is sweet itch? (for a horse obviously)

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