Ultimate Rurouni Kenshin Manga Quiz

I challenge anyone who thinks they are a true Rurouni Kenshin master to take this quiz. It's based solely on the original manga and two sequel works drawn by Nobuhiro Watsuki. Referring to the anime and OVA may work in some cases, but certainly not in all.

If you pass this quiz, you are indeed a true master of Rurouni Kenshin obsession. If not, that's OK too. Just go back and read the manga again.

Created by: D33p61u3
  1. Who was the mastermind behind the plot to force Kaoru out of her dojo?
  2. In which war did Kaoru's father die?
  3. In what month did Kaoru meet Kenshin?
  4. What is the name of the sword style of which Lt. Ujiki was a master?
  5. Where did Kenshin and Kaoru meet Yahiko the first time?
  6. Of what substance was the cannon ball the Hishi Manji Gurentai fired at the dojo made?
  7. What does the name "Sekihoutai" mean?
  8. Where was the Sekihoutai massacred?
  9. How does Jinei's Shin no Ippo paralysis work?
  10. On which side does Saitou's Gatotsu have a blind spot?
  11. What is the symbol the Shinsengumi members used as a disguise?
  12. What was the philosophy common to both the Shinsengumi and the Hitokiri?
  13. What form of "I" or "me" does Kenshin use when in "Battousai" mode?
  14. When Kenshin and Saitou charged at each other before their battle was interrupted, what was Kenshin holding?
  15. Why did Shishio take over Shingetsu village?
  16. In what year were revenge killings outlawed?
  17. When Kenshin and Saitou charged at each other before their battle was interrupted, what was Kenshin holding?
  18. For how many years did Kenshin train under Hiko?
  19. What ultimately convinced Hiko to take Kenshin back and finish his training?
  20. What was the power Anji and Usui were given upon agreeing to join the Juppon Gatana?
  21. Why does each Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu inheritor take the name Hiko Seijuro?
  22. What purpose does Hiko's cape serve?
  23. At what time of day did Shishio go up in flames?
  24. What is special about Oibore?
  25. What was the name of the large axe-wielding Yaminobu ninja?
  26. Why was Mumyoi only able to use his left hand?
  27. Why did Kiyosato think Tomoe didn't want to marry him?
  28. Why was Battousai at a disadvantage in the Kekkai Forest?
  29. How did Kenshin end up with the second slash of cruciform scar?
  30. What does the scar symbolize?
  31. Who was Hitokiri Battousai's successor as the shadow assassin?
  32. How did young Enishi show his dislike of Kenshin?
  33. What did Megumi tell Kaoru was the best medicine for Kenshin's scar?
  34. Where did Yahiko's bokken strike Kenshin when they dueled on his genpuku?
  35. Yahiko no Sakabatou: In which government office did Midoriko's birth father work?
  36. For what group had Mutou worked before becoming a fugitive?
  37. Haru ni Sakura: In what year does the picnic take place?
  38. What location?
  39. Who's the first to show up?
  40. In what country does Sanosuke say he is when Kenshin reads the letter?

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