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  • 99%. That just proves that, even though I'm not able to get a horse, I love horses just as much as someone who has several!

    Horses4DaWorld Jan 13 '15, 8:39PM
  • Whoa. Back up. Why didn't I get 100%? NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING means more to me than my beautiful horse. I would DIE without Pippa. What could I possibly be doing wrong to not be a horse lover? 85% is NOT my score! And I don't like the questions. The ballet one? Well it just so happens that I take ballet! And yes, I do have a life outside horses. Is there anything wrong with that? >:(

    PippaHorse Sep 22 '13, 9:25PM
  • 99% And to the person below me, you really wouldn't sleep in the stable if your horse was sick? Wow... :(

    AlexTheCat Jun 12 '13, 4:40AM
  • 92%???? That should be 100%. Sure i wouldn't sleep in the stable, but you shouldnt have to do crazy stuff like that to love a horse.

    HPlover May 1 '12, 9:25PM
  • 71%?! That should be 100%, but whatever.

    alyk4321 Apr 20 '12, 10:22AM
  • I got 95% and i don`t have a horse

    Shyana Apr 11 '12, 2:35PM
  • 89% i have my own horse too ^.^

    IceBabe Jan 21 '12, 10:24AM

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