Which Caree Bear are you

Are you out going or quiet, fun loveing or just plain grummpy. It doesn't matter bacause no matter what you are a Care Bear.

Take this quiz to find out what Care bear YOU are based on your personality, favorite things to do, and just your prefrences. It's easy and FUN

Created by: AJ Sephine
  1. If i were to ask your best friends what would they say is you bigest trait
  2. What is your favorite color
  3. Do you tend to
  4. Can you finish the following sentence- Care Bear ____
  5. When your in a tough situation do you-
  6. Do you love
  7. Do you have a bestes best best friend
  8. Do you think
  9. Do you
  10. MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION did you enjoy takeing this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Which Caree Bear am I