How Well Do You Know Annoying Orange?

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Annoying Orange is a comdien on Youtube and he has many fans. Do you think you know Annoying Orange good? Take the quiz and you can find out,it won't take long.

Are you an Annoying Orange super fan like me? Do you think you can get 100% on the quiz. The quiz won't take long. Just answer the questions and you will get your score.

Created by: Biance

  1. Which character did Orange annoying in the first ever Annoying Orange video?
  2. Which character fell asleep while getting cut in half?
  3. How many Annoying Orange Wazzups are there?
  4. Which 5 characters are still alive?
  5. Which character hate Orange?
  6. Which character was in the first video and is still alive?
  7. Who plays Passion Fruit?
  8. What is the first line of Orange's theme song?
  9. What is the the last line of Pear's theme song?
  10. What is the third line of Knife's them song?
  11. Does Grapefruit have a sister?
  12. Did Grapefruit's sister get killed?
  13. What was the first video Marshmellow appeared in?
  14. True or false:Orange met another Annoying Orange
  15. True or false:Marshmellow likes knifes

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Quiz topic: How Well do I Know Annoying Orange?