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  • TBH
    "Plz negative stuffs or things I need to work on"
  • TBH me
    "Hmm ur very spicy"
  • Living in a Fantasy
  • ellie-x-jill
    "He nodded eagerly, giving her hair one last stroke and stepping back. "Okay. Where should we go? I didn't plan this far ahead..""
  • Division
    "Sitting on her bed, Katana sighed. It wasn't easy appearing fierce all the time. In her room, she was vulnerable. Weak. Which was why she ne..."
  • "nu"
  • Little by Little
  • Little by Little
  • Neverland
    "This world, yet so different from his own, looked like paradise. Sapphire waves crashed on the distant shore, and way, way out on the water..."
  • Living in a Fantasy
    "Araiwyn shot her poison-tipped arrow through her enemy's neck. He fell to the ground, his weapons clattering loudly, and she leaped out of t..."
  • "alright I see how it is 😒 just kidding tho"
  • Little by Little
    "Nu >:) Floof"
  • Living in a Fantasy
    "Oml he's adorable"
  • Eclipse
  • Living in a Fantasy

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