Wings of Fire Hybrid Love Story

This is a big quiz that took me a while to make. I hope you like it, and now it's time to spam. I hope you don't mind... Nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh nyeh weeeeeee ahahahaha

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Created by: WowCrazyInsane

  1. You wake up in the morning full of excitement. Today you will be going to the Pyrrhia Hybrid Academy! You get ready as fast as you can and as you leave for the Academy, you look in the mirror and see:
  2. You fly out the door as quickly as you can and on the way you see what looks like a fire on the ground far below. You fly down to see what was going on, and it's not a fire at all! It's what looks like a SkyWing with his tail stuck under a rock. You:
  3. You either help him get his tail out, or he is able to get it out himself. When he pulls out his tail from under the rock, you see that it has a SandWing stinger at the end. He's a hybrid! "Hey," he says, smiling. You:
  4. Whatever you did, he ignored, because he was distracted by two dragons flying over your heads. One was a shiny blue one, and the other was a goldish red one with a white belly. You realize, with a start, that they're both hybrids! The shiny one is an obvious IceWing/SeaWing, and the gold one is a SkyWing/IceWing. The dragons land and glance at each other with grins. "Look, Crystal," says the gold dragon. "They're hybrids too! They must be on their way too the Academy, just like us!" You:
  5. Crystal nods. You notice she's staring at the SandWing with wide eyes and you:
  6. The gold dragon clears her throat. "Anyways. I'm Garnet. This is my half-sister, Crystal." Crystal waves a wing towards you and the SandWing hybrid. He nods and speaks. "I'm Scorch." He smiles back at Crystal. You:
  7. "Anyways," Scorch says. "Let's go!" Garnet and Crystal nod and take off, soaring into the air. Scorch starts, then hesitates, looking back at you. He opens his mouth, about to say something, then shakes his head and takes off.
  8. You follow the dragons in front of you until you arrive at the Academy. You land and form a line to get your scrolls that tell you who is in your cave. You get your scroll and begin to read it. You hope you get...
  9. It says, "_____, Hibiscus, Mirage, and Bat." You:
  10. You walk down the dimly lit hallways and turn into your cave. Inside is a glowing blue SeaWing/RainWing hybrid, who you guess is Hibiscus, and two orangeish/black dragons. The blue dragon waves a hesitant wing and smiles half-heartedly. You:
  11. She introduces herself softly, saying, "Hello, I'm Hibiscus," either blended into the cave wall or still visible. You give her a grin and turn to the smallest of the three. Now, you notice, it's a SandWing/NightWing hybrid. He grins slyly at you and spreads his small wings. "I'm Mirage," he says. "And I can read minds." You:
  12. "But I can't read hybrid's minds, for some reason," he finishes. "So it's pretty much useless here." He flicks his tail, the stinger curling, and you:
  13. You turn to the last dragon. "And you," you say. "You're Bat, right?" He appears to be surprised, then nodded. "Y-yes," he stutters. "That's my name." Hibiscus, appearing next to him, spoke. "He's a NightWing and MudWing hybrid!" You:
  14. You hear the bell and jump. "Come on!" Mirage says. "It's time for History!" You:
  15. You arrive at History and realize that Scorch, Crystal, and Garnet are in it as well, along with another dragon. You pay no attention to the unfamiliar dragon and sit next to:
  16. Whoever you choose, they were already sitting next to someone, so the only choice you have to sit next to is the unfamiliar dragon. You awkwardly set down your scroll on the corner of your desk and wave at him. He's a NightWing/RainWing hybrid, and he stares at you for a moment. Then he gasps. "You like ____?!?" (Me: Whoever he said, he's right, because he read your mind.) he screeches into your ear. You wince and stare at him. "What? No..." you say unconvincingly. He leaps to the top of his desk and opens his mouth. You:
  17. "____ likes-!" Who did he say you liked?

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