What WOF Hybrid are you?

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Futureflight the Nightwing here! Today we will find out what wings of fire hybrid you are! There are Nightwing Rainwings Nightwing leafwings icewing Seawings

Skywing Sandwing s Mudwing Silkwing s and normal mind controlled HiveWings. Please check out my other quizzes my creator names are Futureflight, Mangomoon and Moonwatcher and StarquakeANightwing.

Created by: Mangomoon

  1. First, how was your day?
  2. Do you have friends
  3. What is your worst trait
  4. What is your best trait
  5. What hybrid is best
  6. I need to fill in questions
  7. Read backwards eriF fo sgniw ❤ I
  8. Hybrid
  9. Do you have siblings
  10. What is your favourite colour

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Quiz topic: What WOF Hybrid am I?