Wings of fire what tribe are you in.

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This quiz says what type of dragon we think you are from the awesome wings of fire series. Enjoy. Keep note you could be a hybrid which is a dragon that is a cross between to types if you want this simply do the quiz twice.

You could be a kind Mudwing, an arrogant ice wing, a colourful rain wing, a great swimmer sea wing, a fun sky wing, a dark night wing or even a smart sand wing the opportunities or endless I hope you thoroughly enjoy my quiz XD.

Created by: Seal-guineapigXD
  1. What is your favourite food.
  2. What is your dream?
  3. What is your favourite colour?
  4. What would your powers be?
  5. What best describes you?
  6. What would you do in your spare time?
  7. What would you like your name to be?
  8. A new dragonet starts your school and is in your cave what do you do?
  9. We’re would you love to live?
  10. What do you want to be?
  11. What do you think of this quiz?

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Quiz topic: Wings of fire what tribe am I in.