What tribe are you from in Wings of Fire..?

Want to know what tribe you're from the book series Wings of Fire..? Then take this quiz..!! It includes a small number of questions, that all don't downright give the dragon answer. (Ex. Your pet would be a sloth, that means your probably a RainWing)

In this quiz, you just answer truthfully and in the end, you get results of what dragon you're most likely to be. Just like every quiz, just do the same what you do for other quizzes lol

Created by: Leah

  1. You go to a fancy restaurant, and these are the dessert options. What do you choose..?
  2. Someone stole your necklace. What do you do?
  3. What SandWing Queen would you be allied to?
  4. Which direction would you rather live on Phrrhia
  5. What's your favorite flavor/smell.
  6. You play a old game. Which one do you choose?
  7. You watch a movie. What do you watch?
  8. What would you rather do if you were super bored
  9. What dragon do you hope you get? (Won't count)
  10. Sorry for the lack of questions..! (Won't count)

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Quiz topic: What tribe am I from in Wings of Fire..?