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Hi, and welcome to Part 1 of my WoF Love Story! These kind of quizzes are common, especially among series like Warrior Cats, but there are rarely any for us FanWings!

This quiz takes you through life in Pyrrhia, from trying to survive dangerous attacks, to choosing which dragon you want to end up marrying, in the perspective of a beautiful MudWing named Fawn.

Created by: WoF_Deathbringer
  1. Backstory: You are a light brown and tan MudWing named Fawn. Your parents are Swamp (Mom) and Beaver (Dad). You have an older sister who fell in love with a RainWing and had eggs. The RainWing/MudWing eggs were hatched at the same time your's was. That's when you meet a RainWing named Mango, along with his siblings. A few years later you and Mango are sent to Jade Mountain Academy.
  2. "Race you there!" Mango called over to you. The two of you were flying to Jade Mountain together to attend the academy. Mango tilted his wings to soar right beside you. "I wonder what Winglet we'll be in. Hopefully the same one!" You smile. "Yeah. And I can't wait to see the sleeping caves! From the way they're described, it seems so cool.
  3. You suddenly halt in awe as the mountain comes into view. "Look! It's so tall!" You gape. "Come on!" Mango speeds down towards the main entrance, where a NightWing with silver teardrop eyes was sitting. *Fatespeaker,* you remember from the scrolls you read.
  4. She hands you each a scroll, and you head inside. You look down at it. *Silver Winglet, IceWing: Snowflake, MudWing: Fawn, NightWing: Crimson, RainWing: Mango, SandWing: Scorpion, SeaWing: Pelican, SkyWing: Cardinal*
  5. You make a final turn and reach your sleeping cave. Mango looked down at his map. "Oh...we aren't clawmates. I guess I'll see you in the morning." He brushed his wing with your's before leaving. You knew that it wasn't that bad if you weren't in the same sleeping cave. *At least we're in the same winglet.* But you still had a lonely feeling inside of you. You've been living with Mango your whole life, and it hurts to be seperated for just one night.
  6. As you go inside your cave, you see a puddle of mud, a stone bed, and a pile of sand. *Me, a SandWing, and...I don't know who the stone bed is for.* Either way, you were exhausted from the long flight. Plopping down into the mud, you closed your eyes and tried to fall asleep.
  7. That night you don't have a dream. You wake up to the sound of footsteps in your sleeping cave. You open your eyes to see a dragon that looks like none other that you've seen before. He looked kind of like a NightWing, but his scales were more reddish than purple-black. You sit up. "Hi" he whispers, carrying his school supplies over to the stone bed. You don't want sound mean, but you're still curious. "What tribe are you from?" He turns, startled. " NightWing. But I'm also part SkyWing."
  8. Your eyes flew wide open. "You're a hybrid!? I've never met a hybrid before. Well, Mango is a RainWing/MudWing, but he literally has no MudWing traits whatsoever." He stares at you blankly.
  9. "I'm Crimson." He gets down from his bed and comes up to you. "And I'm Fawn." You tell him. " must be hard, life as a hybrid. Right?" He looked at his talons, "Yes," Crimson said, "I've been torn on which tribe to live in. My mother is a NightWing, my father a SkyWing. I chose to stay with my mother, and now literally every SkyWing hates me. Along with every other dragon. They think that marrying a dragon from a different tribe is bad. I guess it is, but I can't be blamed for my parents' doings."
  10. You hesitate, deciding what to do. You open your mouth to speak, but before you can, the bell rings. *My first class!* you think, *I completely forgot about school!* As you find the history cave, you see Crimson, Mango, a SeaWing, a SkyWing, and an IceWing already there. *Pelican, Cardinal, and Snowflake.*You find an empty seat next to the SeaWing, Pelican.
  11. You remember when Pelican ws talking to you earlier that day. "Hi," he had said to you. You had responded with a grunt, as you were hurrying for your class. You wish that you had...
  12. Webs began talking, "So first we will start at the very beginning, during the SandWing Succession. Six young dragonets like you were hatched under a prophecy..." He continued for a long time, explaining everything that you already knew. All of a sudden you hear a loud crash, and you jump to your feet. Webs urges everyone to sit down and stay calm, but you run outside. You see your winglet's SandWing Scorpion, pinning Pelican to the ground. He hovered his venom-barbed tail just over Pelican's heart.
  13. Cliffhanger! (Sorry!) So far, you've just met the males. But in Part 2, you'll find that true romance will start to bloom! Please rate and comment on you experience! Part 2 will be here soon!

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