All of My Alts Quiz!

Just a quiz for you to take if you are feeling confused on who is who and what I'm feeling when I use them! yeeeeeeyeyeye weeeeee ahahahahaa nerddddddd


Created by: TheBeardedDragon

  1. My very first account in GTQ: EllieCatDragon!
  2. My second ever account...TheBeardedDragon!
  3. My main account, and what most of y'all know me as...WowCrazyInsane!!!
  4. My very first alt account, CrazyDrago!
  5. Unexisting Nerd! My account for when I'm just feelin' like a nerd.
  6. tinylittlelizard!!! My never-ending love for reptiles account!
  7. My failed anonymous compliment alt...Luxio!!!
  8. Next, my account for when I'm feeling happy and good about myself...AmethystMoon!
  9. ObviouslyAWeirdo! My account for when I'm feeling kinda goofy and weird!
  10. My second-most used account...Tragic!
  11. My venting account, Sad And Alone!
  12. My emo account, Panic!
  13. Desolate! My account for when I'm feeling completely down in the dumps! If you see me use this account I'm probably feeling terrible!
  14. Regret_! My account for when I just feel bleh.
  15. Drastic! My account for when I'm feeling pessimistic or kinda crazy.
  16. Exotic! My account for when I'm feeling...well, exotic!
  17. Bye!
  18. Anticlimactic. My account for when I'm feeling hopeless and useless :(

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