Is It Raining Or Sunny

How are you feeling today? This quiz is mostly about what you like and how i can help to keep you up and running and still feeling happy. A lot people need this to boost their self esteem and such. So are you rainy all the time or sunny?

Sad or Happy either one applies to this fun and entertaining quiz for all age groups. No nasty stuff or inappropriate stuff for kids to see either. Retired? We still have questions you'll love answering! So come check us out!

Created by: dgjhklsdjfgk

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  1. On a Normal Basis Are you happy or sad?
  2. Its A Tuesday and ur friends decide to go out to lunch without inviting you.... How would you feel or confront them about it?
  3. Today was going great until... the guy you like asks ur BEST friend out on a date... She says yes without even thinking beofre she said it. You told her you liked him and yet she said yes... What would you do afterwards?
  4. Have you every skipped in the rain?
  5. It is a Monday Night and after getting home from work you are exhausted! So you decided to get a warm bubble bath. What are the eccentials for ur bath?
  6. What would you call the best day?
  7. Ur favorite book to curl up with is?
  8. How do you spend ur day?
  9. Whats your favorite season?
  10. Last Of All Whats You Favorite wheather to be in?

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