Why are you nauseous?

Many people get nauseated for different reasons- hunger, a virus, food poisoning, anxiety, etc. There are plenty of likely causes, depending on the situation.

Nasuea is a terrible feeling, so knowing the cause of it can be extremely helpful when it comes to treatment and feeling better. Hopefully this quiz will guide you in the right direction!

Created by: cookiesss
  1. Are you nauseous frequently?
  2. Do you have a fever?
  3. Did you take a new medication?
  4. Are you having diarrhea?
  5. Are feeling overwhelmed, depressed, or nervous?
  6. Did you eat a suspicious food?
  7. Are you diagnosed with any disease related to your digestive system?
  8. Are you around a sick person?
  9. Have you been avoiding food?
  10. Did this quiz help you?

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Quiz topic: Why am I nauseous?