How Much Do You Know About Hunger?

Hunger is a problem worldwide. We come across it everyday, whether we notice it or not. It affects many in our local community. Inhabitants of our city, Chicago, alone are undergoing hunger this very second.

It's easy to say that we know about hunger and it's effects. But how much do YOU really know? And what measures are you willing to take? Take this quiz and see how well you score!

Created by: aserra13

  1. Which of the following programs is considered the nation's most important anti-hunger program?
  2. The Food Stamp Program is broadly available to almost all households with low incomes.
  3. The Food Stamp Program helps roughly how many low-income Americans to afford a nutritionally adequate diet?
  4. 1 in __ people in America face hunger.
  5. 40 percent of food is thrown out in the US every year, equivalent to about $165 billion worth. All of this uneaten food could feed about 25 million Americans.
  6. In the US, hunger is caused by lack of food.
  7. In Illinois, ______ families lived in extreme poverty (less than $11,057 a year for a family of four).
  8. More than 860,000 people in Cook County are unsure of when they will receive their next meal.
  9. Chicago food pantries receive ____ of their food from the Greater Chicago Food Depository.
  10. A projected, 51.4% of Americans will live in poverty at some point before age 65.
  11. You can actively help reduce hunger.

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Quiz topic: How Much do I Know About Hunger?