What Is Your Warrior Cats Name, Personality, and Looks?

This is a pretty long quiz I made, using all my ocs. It took a few hours to make, and I'm proud of it. I hope you enjoy and stay safe everyone! Good day.

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Created by: WowCrazyInsane

  1. A strange she-cat approached you. She glared at you with narrowed eyes, then snarled. "Who are you? What Clan are you from?"
  2. You answer her question, and she relaxes. "Oh. I'm Almondnose. I thought you were a rouge for a second." You respond:
  3. "Okay," she says. "Hey, have you seen my sister, Nettleheart? She's been gone all day." You respond:
  4. "Okay. Well, bye. Thanks, I guess." Almondnose leaves. Suddenly, something leapt out at you from a bush. It tackled you and you:
  5. (If you decided to call for Almondnose, go limp, or run) Nobody comes to help you, and when you turn to run/go limp, the tom slams his paw down on your neck. As everything fades to black, you:
  6. (If you decided to fight) You manage to knock your assailant out. It's a large black and white tom. You:
  7. (If you decided to leave after knocking him out) When you turn to leave, you hear rustling. The tom that you had knocked out had woken up. He leaped at you one more time, and this time, he managed to catch you. He shoved his paws on your throat, choking you, and as everything fades to black, you:
  8. (If you decided to sit on him or poke his ear) While you are distracted sitting on the black and white tom, you fail to notice the pawsteps behind you. Someone else knocks you down and forces your muzzle shut. As you struggle to breathe, everything starts to go black, and you:
  9. You wake up somewhere dark and cold. You hear water dripping all around you. You sit up and notice five other cat shapes around you. One of them is Almondnose, and the other you recognize as Nettleheart. The other three are already awake, and they glance at you with tired eyes. One of them sighs. "Hi," the mottled brown she-cat says. "I'm Doeshine. They captured you, too?" The other two look at you and then say their names. "I'm Emberblaze," says a reddish-orange tom. "And I'm Aspenridge." a dark brown tom with green eyes said. You:
  10. "We've been trapped here for three days," says Emberblaze. "Or, at least, I have. Doeshine and Aspenridge have been here for two, and you and those two she-cats got here yesterday." Doeshine nods. "Those rouges, Skunk, Tempest, and Storm, captured us and put us in this cave. Tempest and two other rouges guard this cave. They bring us food and water, but say we're going to be here forever." At this, Nettleheart woke up. "What? Where am I?" she says, full of panic. You:
  11. Whatever you did, everyone ignored, because Doeshine started to speak. "But I've been thinking. Now that you-" she gestured towards you, "are here, we may have a chance to escape." You:
  12. By the time Doeshine finished with her plan, Nettleheart had woken Almondnose up and filled her in with everything that had happened while she was unconscious. "Does everyone understand?" Doeshine asked. "Then we initiate it at sundown, when Tempest comes to give us our food." You:
  13. When sundown came, everyone was ready. As soon as Tempest, a blueish-grey she-cat, came into the cave, Emberblaze and Almondnose pounced on top of her. Together, they slammed her head into the stone, and she collapsed, unconscious. When the other two rogues came in, Doeshine and Nettleheart both started battling them. You waited for your chance, and then you rushed out of the cave and into the sunlight. You heard rustling in the bushes, and Skunk, the black and white tom, leaped out. This time, you were ready, and you leapt onto him. Slashing at his sides, you hissed into his ear. "Now you'll think again before kidnapping me!" He growled and pushed you off. Storm came out of the bushes, wide-eyed. Skunk snarled at him. "Come on! They're not worth it anyways." Storm nodded and scrambled after him. Doeshine came out of the cave, squinting in the sunlight. "Good job! We did it," she said. You smiled, looking into the sun, and knew that you had gained friends, and scared rogues away from the territories. You were a hero.

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Quiz topic: What Is my Warrior Cats Name, Personality, and Looks?